⚠️ Note: Please be adviced this feature has now been rolled out to select accounts and is in beta. Instances involving erroneous duplicates may occur. Freshsales is improving its smart match based on initial feedback.  

For sales admins or agents who handle the day-to-day operations of a CRM, keeping track of and removing duplicates from their system is key to ensuring data hygiene. Freddy AI, with its smart match capabilities, helps detect contacts that have duplicates in the system.


How does Freddy detect duplicate records?

Freddy searches your contacts and looks for matches between records by analyzing the following fields of each record:

  • Last Name
  • Name
  • Company Name
  • Email

Duplicates are detected by analyzing and matching on above fields with the primary record. When duplicates are identified for a contact, Freshsales displays the number of such records on the top of your screen. 

Here’s how you can take action on these records:

Bulk merge all duplicates

To take a bulk action on all detected duplicates,

  1. Look for the Freddy’s duplicate suggestions when you open the list view. Click Review and fix now.

    This takes you to a dedicated page where you can review all duplicate contacts and take actions on them in bulk or individually.

  2. Click the dropdown and select the specific criteria to merge all the contacts. If you don't want to bulk merge these contacts, review them individually.
  3. Click  This presents you with a confirmation pop-up.

  4. Mark the checkbox to provide confirmation and click . Merging is a great way to streamline your data; although bear in mind that duplicates once merged cannot be recovered.

Depending on the number of records that are being merged, the process may take a few minutes. You will be notified once the duplicates are merged.

Manually review and merge duplicates

If you don’t want to bulk-merge contacts, review them individually before taking action. Here’s how:

  1. Select criteria that you’d like to use to determine the primary contact. This is the contact with which all other duplicates will be merged.

  2. Click Review Duplicates for the contact for whom you’d like to eliminate duplicates. This presents a drill down of all duplicates identified for the contact.

  3. Assign the Primary contact. By default, the contact matching the criteria will be selected. You can choose a different duplicate to merge into based on your preferences. You can opt between the earliest added, the most recently added, the most recently engaged, or the most recently updated contact.

    Note: Based on the Primary contact chosen, the related contacts will change.

  4. Click  . This merges all the contacts to the primary record and removes the duplicates from the system.

The button will be displayed besides all detected duplicates. Click the button for individual contacts if you wish to exclude them from being merged with the primary contact. Alternately, click the skip for the whole record. This retains all duplicates.

Note: When a duplicate is skipped, Freshsales marks it as skipped and retains all duplicates. All users shall find these duplicates in the system until the duplicates are removed or merged. Freshsales will indicate the presence of these duplicates only when another duplicate is being added.