You can download the Mobile App for both Android and iOS. For instructions on installation, you can refer to this article.

The Freshsales mobile app lets you quickly add contacts by scanning business cards. To add a contact using business cards, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the scanner :
  • Option 1: On the home screen, tap the + Quick Add button, then tap Scan business card. 
  • Option 2: Tap the + Quick Add buttonthen tap Contact. In the Add Contact form, tap Scan business card.

  • Option 3: Tap Contacts in the bottom navigation bar, then tap the Floating Action Button (+). In the Add Contact form, tap Scan business card.

    2. Scan or upload the card:
    • Option 1: Position the business card within the frame and take a picture using your phone's camera.
    • Option 2: Upload a picture of a business card from your phone's gallery.

    Note: The Freshsales mobile app currently only supports business cards in English.

3.  Review the scanned information:

  • View the scanned image and the extracted details in the Review Scanned Information section.
  • Retake: If the image is blurry or the details are incorrect, you can choose to retake the picture or re-upload the image.
  • Edit: Correct any mistakes in the captured information.

4. Save the contact:

  • Add any additional details on the Add Contact screen.
  • Tap the check mark icon (Android) or Save button (iOS) to save the contact.