Sales Essentials Dashboard is an out-of-the-box, comprehensive dashboard in Freshsales that captures all the key sales metrics. It is one of the Curated Reports in Freshsales Analytics.

Sales Essentials Dashboard helps new and existing users easily gather important insights around Deals, Contacts, Sales Activities, and Revenue. The dashboard readily provides sales leaders and sales managers with critical data they need to track sales performance every day. Sales leaders can leverage this single, comprehensive dashboard to make quick business decisions without having to create or juggle between multiple independent reports.

To access the dashboard, go to the Analytics page, and you can view the Sales Essentials Dashboard with the [Curated] tag under All Reports

You can also find the Sales Essentials Dashboard by clicking Analytics > Curated Reports > Sales Essentials Dashboard

Sales Essentials Essentials Dashboard contains 5 pages with specially tailored, pre-built widgets. 

(Note: As a new user, you can preview seeded data on all the widgets. You can delete the seeded data if you have your own data to view.)


Contains pre-built widgets that show a quick snapshot of as-on-date data across important stages of the sales funnel

  • Revenue won/lost

  • Open deal value by stage

  • Contacts by sales owner

  • Deal win/loss percentage

  • Forecast revenue by deal stage

  • Revenue by source

  • Tasks by owner


As a sales manager/leader, you can use the widgets on the Deals page in the dashboard to get insights on:

  • The success rate of deals closed over a period of time to assess the effectiveness of your team

  • Revenue generated and lost from deals

  • Trends or patterns of lost deals to help you devise product and business strategies that can plug potential revenue loss 

  • Forecast confidence of open deals to help you understand the revenue pipeline

  • Deal stages that have the highest number of open deals

  • Value of open deals and their sales owners

The pages have two filters: Date range and Sales owner

Date range filter: You can choose date ranges across different timelines using the drop-down or apply a custom date range so that you don’t have to modify each widget separately when you need to change the date range.

Sales owner filter: You can use this filter to view the performance of a salesperson in your team and the filter gets applied to all the widgets in the page.

(Note: The Date range filter and Sales owner filter are available across all the pages) 


As a sales manager/leader, you can use the widgets on the Contacts page in the dashboard to get insights on:

  • The number of new contacts added over a specified time period that helps you understand the lead generation momentum for your business

  • Statuses of the contacts in the form of a lead funnel to know the engagement and conversion rate of leads in the system

  • Split of contacts generated by sources that help you identify the marketing channels that drive more leads

  • Contacts by sales owner to know the quantum of leads handled by different salespeople in your team


Sales activities

As a sales manager/leader, you can use the widget on the Sales activities page in the dashboard to get insights on:

  • Open/Completed tasks by sales owners to analyze the productivity and efficiency of different members of your sales team

  • Tasks by type that shows the breakdown of activities that your sales team spends most of their time on

  • Tasks by outcome to help you understand the effectiveness and impact of various tasks performed by your sales team

  • Meetings by outcomes to analyze the level of customer interaction

  • Metrics of emails sent help you understand the performance of the email outreach efforts of each salesperson 


Revenue breakdown

As a sales manager/leader, you can use the widgets on the Revenue breakdown page in the dashboard to get insights on:

  • Forecasted revenue by deal stage that helps you analyze the projected deal amounts across all stages of the pipeline over a fiscal period and enables you to tweak sales strategies proactively

  • Revenue won by source to understand the marketing channels that work best and give a higher return on investment for your business

  • Revenue by product that gives details of the revenue split generated by your various product/service lines and the products that require more sales focus to improve business performance

Note: For new users of Freshsales, the Sales Essentials Dashboard will be the default dashboard present under the Dashboards tab on the Left Nav Bar. The dashboard will contain pre-seeded sample data which will get updated once the user starts populating their own data.