Unlock the power of promotions with Freshmarketer's Coupon Management, a simple, one-stop solution for creating, organizing, and deploying your discount strategies effortlessly. Whether it's a summer sale or an early bird deal, categorize and manage all your coupons under one roof, streamlining every campaign for maximum impact.

Creating a coupon list in Freshmarketer is a straightforward process that allows you to integrate discount codes into your marketing campaigns effectively. Here's a detailed guide on how to accomplish this:

Understanding the Coupon Management terms in Freshmarketer

Coupon List: A Coupon List is essentially a collection of all the coupons you intend to distribute to your customers. Think of it as a categorized folder, where each category (like a Summer Sale or Winter Special) holds its unique set of coupons. By organizing your coupons into lists, you can easily manage and deploy them according to the specific campaign they're associated with.

Coupon Code: The Coupon Code serves as a unique identifier for every coupon within a list, ensuring that each discount or offer can be redeemed.

Navigate to Coupon Management:

  • Begin by accessing the Admin Settings in your Freshmarketer dashboard. Look for the "Coupons" section to manage your coupon lists.

Initiate Coupon List Creation:

  • Within the Coupons section, you'll find an option to "Create Coupon List." Click on this to start the process of creating a new list of coupons that you can use in various campaigns.

Note: Coupon list is a list of all coupons 
  • Assign a descriptive name to your Coupon List that reflects the campaign or promotion it's associated with (e.g., Summer Sale, Winter Sale, Special Promotion). This helps in identifying and organizing your coupon lists efficiently.

  • If duplicate coupons are added we will skip the coupon codes while adding the same.
  • Decide whether your coupons should have an expiration date. If you opt for the coupons to expire, select the "Expire on a specific date" option and choose the desired date from the calendar. 
  • Remember, the coupon expiry date can be adjusted anytime, providing flexibility in your campaign planning.

Note: Freshmarketer cannot validate the metadata for coupons. Hence it is important that expiry date is set for coupons.
  • Prepare a CSV or TXT file containing the coupon codes you wish to use. 
  • Ensure the file has a single column titled “COUPON CODE” for the system to recognize your codes correctly. Freshmarketer supports .csv and .txt formats, with a maximum file size limit of 50 MB.

  • You can add more coupons to your list anytime, making it easy to update your promotions. Each coupon under the coupon list will have only one expiration date. 

  • However, once a coupon list has reached its expiration date, it becomes inactive and cannot be used in campaigns unless the expiration date is modified.

  • If you want to change the expiration date, go to Admin Settings > Coupons > Click on the three dots and click on edit.

  • Once you click on edit, you can change the expiration date for the coupon list.

  • If a coupon list is no longer needed, you have the option to delete it from the CRM.
  • It's important to note that deleting a coupon list will halt the delivery of any associated campaigns, so use this option judiciously.

By following these steps, you can efficiently create and manage coupon lists in Freshmarketer, enabling you to enhance your marketing campaigns with targeted promotions and discounts.

How to use the coupon list as part of your campaigns in Freshmarketer? 

Incorporating coupons into your email campaigns in Freshmarketer is a powerful way to engage your audience and boost conversions. Here's a step-by-step guide to using coupons in your email marketing efforts, explained in simple language:

Start Your Email Campaign:

First, navigate to the Email Campaigns section by going to Email Campaigns > Create Email Campaigns. This is where you'll begin crafting your message.

Select Your Campaign Template:

Choose a template that fits the theme and goal of your campaign. Freshmarketer offers a variety of templates to match different styles and occasions.

Insert the Coupon Block:

Within the campaign editor, you'll find a special block designed for coupons. Simply drag and drop this coupon block into your email layout where you want the coupon to appear.

Pick Your Coupon List:

Now, select the coupon list you created earlier. This list contains the codes that your customers can use to avail discounts or special offers.

Customize Your Coupon:

Click on "configure coupon" to personalize how your coupon looks and works. Here, you can choose an illustration that matches your brand or campaign theme, write a compelling headline, and set the destination link for where customers should go when they click on the coupon. This could be a product page, a landing page, or any other relevant URL.

Customize Design Elements:

Tailor the coupon's appearance further by changing the button's label and color. This helps ensure the coupon aligns with your brand's visual identity and stands out in the email.

Manage Coupon Availability:

If the number of recipients exceeds the number of coupons available, Freshmarketer will alert you with an error message. For example, if you're sending the email to 1,000 people but only have 500 coupons associated, you'll need to recalibrate either the number of recipients or increase the number of coupons to proceed. You can find the dropped reason for your email in the Metrics section.

Finalize and Send:

Once you've configured the coupon block to your liking, your email campaign is ready to go. You can now send it out to your selected audience, offering them a unique incentive that encourages engagement and action.

By following these steps, you can effectively use coupons in your email campaigns, promote attractive offers to your target customers, and drive better results from your email marketing efforts with Freshmarketer.