Sales teams use LinkedIn to connect with prospects, build relationships, and showcase their business offerings. With sales sequences, you can automatically create LinkedIn tasks for the following actions: 

  • LinkedIn message: The LinkedIn icon on the task takes you to the contact’s LinkedIn profile, where you can send a message manually. Mark the task as done manually once complete.

  • LinkedIn connection request: Connect with contacts on LinkedIn to engage with them 1-1. Connection requests allow you to direct message contact and, in some cases, are necessary to see and interact with the contact's posts. This task takes you to the contact's LinkedIn profile and you can send the LinkedIn connection and manually mark the task as complete in Freshsales. 

  • LinkedIn engagement with post: Interact with a contact's posts on LinkedIn. This step takes you to the contact's LinkedIn profile; you can manually interact with a contact's LinkedIn post and mark the task as completed in Freshsales.

  • LinkedIn profile view: Visit a contact's LinkedIn profile and gain insights into their background such as education history, job history, current company details, and colleagues. The LinkedIn icon on the task takes you to the contact’s LinkedIn profile and you can manually mark the task as complete in Freshsales.

Here’s how you can set it up: 

  1. From the Sales Sequences tab, create a new sequence. 

  2. Choose the required sequence type and audience. 

  3. In the next step, choose the LinkedIn task option. 

  1. In the overlay, add the task details and click save.

Note: LinkedIn tasks can be created only via sales sequence.

Complete tasks from the activities dashboard

The tasks are created and added to the activities dashboard as the sequence runs. The task will also include the LinkedIn profile of the related contact so you can navigate to the profile easily. 

Click on the LinkedIn icon to get redirected to the LinkedIn profile. 

If the LinkedIn information is unavailable in the CRM, the LinkedIn icon redirects to LinkedIn to search for the contact’s profile.