Based on the plan and scope, each user has respective limits in Sales sequences. Given below are some FAQs on the limits in Sales Sequences:

Q: How many sequences can I set in the web application?

A: The number of sequences you can set depends on the plan chosen. Please refer to the following table: 




Limits/ User

Based on plan opted during trial



Note: These numbers represent the number of sequences available per user

Q: How many steps can I set in a sequence?

A: Users can set a maximum of 25 Steps per sales sequence. 

Q: How many entry/exit conditions can I set for each step of the sequence?

A: Users can set a maximum of 8 conditions for each step of the sequence.

Q: How long can a sequence run?

A: Classic sequence: The duration of a classic sequence is capped at 90 days. This means that sequence steps can be set only for a maximum of 90 days since the day of contact entry.

Smart sequence: A smart sequence is based on regular intervals. The sequence will run on a contact until the contact exits the sequence. Hence, there is no restriction on how long a sequence will run.  

Q: What is the email quota for my sales sequence?

A: The number of emails you can send as a part of your sequences depends on the plan chosen. Please refer the following table: 







Email Limits per User per day




**For trial users, the limit is 100 for the entire account irrespective of the number of users

Q: What happens when the user who set up the sales sequence is deactivated or removed from the web application?

A: When a user who created the sequence is deactivated or removed, all sequences created by the user will be disabled. Users can clone the sequence with the same conditions and criteria and add users to the sequence.