With the evolving needs of users, we are introducing a curated Marketing Performance Report and a Marketing Performance Dashboard that gives marketers a comprehensive view of their customer engagement, and its impact on revenue. These reports can be further customized by the user to deep dive into the metrics most important to them.

Note: Under Analytics you may find a few built-in reports and dashboards that are curated with data and insights that are the most popular among users. These are Curated reports, marked with a tag that denotes that it is automatically generated by default.

Why use Marketing Performance Reports?

Being automatically generated in near real-time, Marketing Performance Report can give you quick insights to: 

  • Enhance Decision Making: With detailed insights into channel performance and revenue impact, make more informed decisions to optimize your marketing strategies.
  • Increase ROI: Identify high-performing channels and allocate resources more effectively to boost your return on investment.
  • Better Understanding of Customer Journey: Track how customers interact with your brand across different channels, leading to more effective targeting and messaging

What insights does the Marketing Performance Report and Dashboard provide?

You can find below metrics and insights on the Marketing Performance Report and Dashboard

Channel-Wise Trend Analysis: Get a comprehensive view of how your messages are performing across different channels. Understand which channels are most effective in engaging your audience.

  • Email Campaign Metrics: Number and percentage of emails sent, delivered, opened and clicked

  • Whatsapp Campaign Metrics: Number and percentage of messages sent, delivered, and read

  • SMS Campaign Metrics: Number and percentage of SMS sent delivered, and clicked

Revenue and Order Tracking: For e-commerce and D2C businesses, the reports help with marketing attribution, directly correlating your marketing efforts with revenue generation. Get detailed insights into how each channel contributes to your bottom line.

  • Orders from Email: Number of orders and total revenue generated through this channel

  • Orders from Whatsapp: Number of orders and total revenue generated through this channel

  • Orders from SMS: Number of orders and total revenue generated through this channel

How to use Marketing Performance Reports?

You can find these reports under Analytics > Marketing Analytics where you can filter by Curated Reports to see all the built-in reports available to you.

With user experience in mind, the dashboard is intuitive and easy to navigate with colorful charts ensuring you spend less time figuring out the data and more time making informed decisions.

Note: For all customers, Marketing Performance Report and Dashboard will be available in the list of curated reports, however: 
For new customers, who signed up after January 2024, the above report is available as Marketing Performance                 Dashboard in the Marketing Dashboard by default. For non-D2C customers, the above report will be available as Marketing Performance Report under Analytics

How to customize Marketing Performance Report and Dashboard?

While curated reports may give you metrics that are the most sought after, your use case may vary and you may want to add or remove data points on your Marketing Performance Dashboard. You can easily do this by clicking on Edit in the top right corner. For more information on how to edit or clone reports you can go through this article.

If you face any issues while using these reports, please reach out to