Freshmarketer enables you to send personalized SMS campaigns to your customers. Freddy for Freshmarketer helps you generate captivating content for these campaigns, helping you drive more engagement. Follow these simple steps to make the most out of Freddy's capabilities.

Enable Freddy for SMS Content Generation:

  • Go to Admin settings > Freddy.

  • Toggle on "Generate SMS content."

Initiate the SMS Campaign

  • Go to the left navigation bar, Marketing Automation> SMS Campaigns
  • Click "Create SMS Campaign."

Note: If you need help setting up SMS campaigns, the below links will help you:
How to set up SMS campaigns using Twilio on Freshmarketer
How to set up SMS campaigns using Gupshup on Freshmarketer

Access Freddy

  • In the message textbox, locate the Freddy icon.

  • Click on the icon to open up a dialog box and start generating content for your campaign.

    Generate content with Freddy

    • Describe what you want to write in your message and click on “Get suggestions.”

    • Freddy AI will generate content suggestions based on your description and theme of the campaign.

      • You can choose the tone of the message based on your brand’s preferences.

Refine the message

  • Rephrase the message using the rephrase icon below the message suggestion.

  • You can also shorten the message to fit the character limit by clicking on the shorten icon below the message suggestion.

Insert the message into your campaign:

  • Select the desired message

  • Click on “insert message” to use it for your SMS campaign.

Modify Inserted Messages if needed:
For any adjustments, select the line and choose to rephrase, shorten, or expand.

Your message is now ready to be sent. Follow the instructions in the articles linked on the top to send or schedule SMS campaigns on Freshmarketer.

Please reach out to if you have any questions.