The mobile app for Freshchat supports the following channels apart from the conversations you receive from your website chat:

  • Email

  • WhatsApp

  • Facebook

  • SMS 

Channel integration enables you to route all messages from Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, and email to your mobile inbox and keep all your customer communications in one place. You can read, manage, and respond to messages you receive directly from your mobile app. 


The emails sent to your support email address would appear in your app inbox, along with messages sent from the web, WhatsApp, and other channels. 

To learn more about setting up your support email address, read this article.

Agents can choose a sending address if multiple addresses are available and reply from the reply editor which has all the functionalities needed to support a mail conversation, as shown below.

The following essential options in Freshchat are also available in the reply editor: 

  • Canned responses

  • FAQ

  • Attachments

  • Images

  • Private note

The app inbox also supports the following views/filters for emails:

  • Sent mails

  • Failed to send mails

  • Outbox


The Freshchat - WhatsApp integration makes it possible to communicate with your customers on the mobile app wherever they are on their WhatsApp numbers.

To integrate your Freshchat with Whatsapp, read this article.

WhatsApp for Freshchat mobile supports incoming text messages, images, videos, voice notes,  and gifs. Video messages and gifs are rendered as file attachments that you can download. Agents do not have the capability to send voice notes to customers.  


The Facebook integrations support text messages, images in jpeg, jpg, png, tif or raw format, videos, voice notes, mentions, and replies to stories. However, shared reels do not show the preview of the reel. Mentions appear in the conversation as a hyperlinked fragment, including the customer’s comment.

Read this article to learn more about connecting your Facebook messenger with Freshchat.


SMS also appear as conversations on the app inbox. Agents can receive and reply to SMS if Freshchat has been integrated with an SMS provider.

SMS integration is available through service providers such as Twilio and Gupshup, according to your geographical location. This integration allows you to interact with customers through SMS channels, facilitating marketing campaigns and providing customer support.

To set up an SMS integration with Twilio, see Setting up SMS with Twilio. 

To set up an SMS integration Gupshup, see Setting up SMS with Gupshup.  

For all channels, agents will be notified 

  • A conversation gets assigned to them

  • A conversation gets assigned to a group that they are a part of

  • A new conversation gets initiated by a customer

  • A message is sent by the customer on a conversation that they are assigned to