With Freshamarketer's MMS campaigns, messaging takes a leap forward. Now, you can include images, videos, or GIFs in your messages, moving beyond traditional text-only formats. This addition not only makes your messages more engaging but also visually striking.

How to create MMS campaigns in Freshmarketer?

  • Go to Marketing> SMS Campaigns and click "Create SMS Campaign."

  • Enter your campaign name

  • First, pick the "Sender Number" option. Then, select the Twilio number that's set up for MMS. Remember, you can only use a Twilio number ready for MMS to send out these campaigns.

Note: Twilio MMS is supported only in the US and Canada. Meaning, only recipients in the US and Canada will have the ability to receive and see the Media on your MMS. Other country recipients will receive it as an SMS. We use only Twilio to send MMS campaigns, so make sure your Twilio account is set up for this. Click here to learn how to set up your Twilio account in Freshmarketer. 
  • You can write the content manually or use Freddy AI's help to craft the content for you. Freddy AI will write the content and will let you choose the tone of the content. 

  • You can also personalize your MMS campaigns by adding placeholders. Click on "Personalize", select the placeholder type, and add the placeholder. Contact Properties, Shopify Events, and Custom Events are the placeholder types available for you to choose from. 

Note: When you start a campaign, it's automatically set as an SMS (text-only) campaign. To change it to an MMS campaign, you need to upload a media file. For your message, you have up to 1600 characters to use. But remember, 21 of these characters are automatically used for the 'Reply STOP to opt-out' message. 
  • Once you finish writing the content, click on "upload file" to upload the file to be sent with the campaign. Choose the file from the Media Gallery and click on "Add". To upload the file to the media gallery, click on "Upload File" and choose the file from your desktop. 

Note: Remember, you can add only one media file for each MMS campaign. Make sure your media file is not larger than 5 MB. To see which types of media files you can use, click here for a list of supported file types.
  • Before you send out your campaign, take a moment to review your settings. Here's what you can do:
    • Shorten any long URLs in your message.
    • Set up tracking to see how well your campaign performs.
    • Add URL tracking for more detailed insights.
  • Don't forget to check the 'Compliances' tab. This is important because:
    • In the US, you must include your company name in your campaign.
    • In Canada, your campaign needs to have your company information. 

  • Click on "Save & Publish"

  • Your campaign is now ready!

How to send MMS campaigns in Freshmarketer?

  • Go to Marketing>Customer Journeys>Create Journey

  • Choose from the existing playbook template or click on "Create Journey from scratch"
  • Create the name for your Journey, set up your conversion goals (optional), and click on "Save & Next" to proceed

  • Choose your Trigger condition (For example, I want to send the campaign to visitors who have viewed the product on my website)

  • Choose the "Send SMS" block and choose the MMS campaign that is ready to be sent. You can also preview the campaign here. 

  • Your Journey is now ready to be sent

  • Click on "Start Journey" to trigger the Journey immediately, or you can also schedule the Journey. 
  • Once you click on "Start Journey"the journey is active!