Various countries have established SMS regulations aimed at safeguarding customers from unsolicited text messages. In the United States and Canada, stringent SMS marketing regulations are in place to ensure compliance and prevent the blocking of SMS campaigns by mobile carriers.

To facilitate adherence to these regulations, we've implemented the Compliance feature, designed to streamline compliance with the key SMS marketing regulations specific to the United States and Canada.

Option to Unsubscribe from SMS:
By default, we append the option to Unsubscribe in the SMS.
Your SMS recipients will see a “
Reply STOP to opt-out” message as part of every SMS.

Compliance settings for United States and Canada:

Under the SMS campaigns creation page, you can turn ON the compliance settings for the US and Canada.

  • Go to the Compliance tab

  • Enable the compliance that is required for the US or Canada as per your recipient country.

  • Add company name in SMS:
    This is required if you are sending SMS campaigns to recipients that are in the United States.
    You can add your business name that needs to be part of the SMS.
    When you send SMS messages using a shortcode/number, your customers might not know it's from your business. That's why adding a business name is mandatory. It helps people recognize and trust the sender of the message.

  • Add company Info in SMS:
    This is required if you are sending the SMS campaigns to recipients that are in Canada.
    You can add a link that has the contact information of the company.

You can see the preview of your SMS (Country-wise and contact-wise)