Use case:

When a new contact is added to the CRM and is assigned to a sales owner, apart from notifying the sales owner about this new lead. It is best to help them with an actionable task. 


1. Improve Engagement with New Leads:
By automating tasks related to new leads, you can ensure timely and personalized follow-up, increasing the chances of engagement.

2. Building a Consistent Sales Process with Best Practices:
Implementing this workflow helps standardize the sales process and ensures that best practices are consistently followed.

3. Reduce Time to Train Sellers:
Automation reduces the manual workload for sales representatives, allowing them to focus on building relationships and closing deals rather than administrative tasks.

Configuring the workflow:

This is a straightforward workflow. You can set it up as follows:

1. Select the Module as Contacts.
2. Trigger: Set the workflow to trigger once for each new record to avoid triggering it for existing contacts.

3. Conditions: 

  • Owner is assigned (not empty)
    Ensure that the automation runs only for new leads with an assigned owner, allowing you to assign a task to the owner to send the email.
  • The lifecycle stage is the Lead
    Limit email tasks to new leads and exclude other contacts.

4. Action step: Select "Add task" step

Give a suitable name, description, and due time for the Task that gets automatically created.

1. Automatically send an email
Instead of creating a task to manually send an email, consider sending an automated email. To do this:

2. Send a More Attractive Marketing Email: If you are using Freshsales Suite, leverage the marketing features for more attractive emails and marketing automation. (Refer Article - Email campaigns)

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