Email templates are handy when you need to send the same email to a number of people over and over again. Whether it’s an invitation to a conference, an upsell campaign, feature upgrades, or festive greetings– create email templates and save yourself the trouble of typing the same content repeatedly. What’s more, you can share the templates you create, with the others in your team and likewise, use the templates, that the others have shared with you. 

To create an email template,

  1. Go to Sales Conversations > Email Templates. Alternatively, you can click your profile picture and select Email Templates too.

  2. You can find all the email templates that have been shared with and created by you here. To add an email template, click Create email template on the top right. 

  3. In the Create template overlay,

    1. Enter a name for your template which your team can relate to in a flash. For example, if you’re creating a template to send emails to the newly signed up contacts, the template’s name could be “Welcome Email” or “Thanks for signing up!”

    2. Enter the subject line of the email. 

    3. Type your content in the email body. Use Insert fields for placeholders such as the customer’s First NameLast Nameand Company Name to give a personalized touch to your emails. You can also add links and track the click-through rate using using email tracking.

    4. To add attachments, click the Add Attachment icon. A modal opens where you can upload attachments

  4. Once you are done, click .

Share this template with your team, territory, or any user by clicking the icon on your template and clicking the Share button. Refer this article to know more.

You can edit or delete the template by clicking the Edit and Delete icons respectively.

To use the email templates, 

  1. Open a new compose window by clicking the Send email  button or by replying to an email.

  2. Select the desired template from the Templates dropdown.

    You can edit the email content by adding links, placeholders, and attaching files, but these changes won’t be saved in the template. You can make changes to templates only when you edit the email template from Email Templates in the Conversations tab.

  3. Click when you’re done.