Appstle Subscriptions is a Shopify app designed to help merchants set up and manage subscriptions easily. The app offers robust tools for subscription management, including features for recurring orders, loyalty benefits, 1-click checkout, churn control, and build-a-box options. It is popular among businesses for its intuitive user interface and is used by some of the largest e-commerce brands like Universal Audio, Pela Earth, Inspired Go, and Skin Authority.

How to integrate Freshmarketer with Appstle?

  • Go to Admin Settings> Integrations>Marketplace Apps

  • Search for Appstle
  • Select the application and click on install 
  • Once you click on install, the CRM will ask you to fill in your Shopify store domain 

  • Once you install the application, you need to copy the generated webhook from the applications settings page and paste it into our appstle dashboard on Shopify. Below are the steps to get the generated webhook.
  • Go to Admin Settings>Marketplace Apps>Manage Apps

  • Click on Manage Apps to view your installed applications. You will find Appstle here. 

  • Click on Settings>Edit Settings, and you can find the generated webhook here. Copy this webhook and paste it into your appstle dashboard on Shopify. You're all set!

What are the benefits of integrating Appstle Subscriptions with Freshmarketer?

Enhanced Customer Segmentation

With this integration, you can easily segment your customer base based on their subscription status (active, paused, canceled, etc.). This allows you to target specific customer groups with tailored marketing campaigns.

Automated Personalized Journeys

Trigger-Based Actions: Set up triggers based on subscription status or product subscriptions to automatically send personalized emails, offers, or notifications to your customers.

Centralized Data Management

Unified Dashboard: Have all your subscription and marketing data in one place. This makes it easier to analyze customer behavior and make data-driven decisions.