Managing contact and account records should be effortless. You can effortlessly map and sync your fields on the Freshworks Customer Service Suite to the ticketing module. 

To create a custom contact field, read this article

When you click the ‘Add Field’ button in the Contacts module to create a custom field on Freshworks Customer Service Suite, please tick the checkbox, ‘Include this field in ticketing’ and click ‘Save’. 

This will ensure the newly created custom field will be reflected in the ticketing module.  

List of field types that will not get auto-created, auto-mapped, and auto-synced to the ticketing module: 

  • Formula field

  • Multi-select dropdown

  • Radio button

  • Auto-number

  • Field dependency mappings

Changing agent labels on custom contact fields: 

You can change the custom contact fields on your Customer Service Suite account, 

  • Go to Admin Settings > Contacts 
  • Click on the required custom contact field and update the 'Field label'. 

Changing customer labels on custom contact fields: 

You can configure agent and customer labels for your agent fields. These labels will be the same as the custom field name by default. However, you can change the customer labels for your custom fields.  

  • Go to the Ticketing module by clicking the Freshworks logo at the bottom left corner. 

  • You will find two modules under Customer Service Suite ‘My Accounts.’ Click on the second URL that ends with

  • Now, click on the Admin icon > Customer Fields 

  • Click on the respective custom field and edit the field label for customers. 


Note: Currently, properties like unique and read-only fields are not supported in the ticketing module. 

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