You can create new fields to capture additional customer information besides those provided in the product (default fields). Before you begin, decide on the type of field you want to create. The type of custom fields you create depends on the kind of business data you want to store.

How many custom fields are available on each plan?









What are the types of custom fields that Freshchat supports?

Field type

Text field

Used for single-line text.

For example: Contact’s middle name

Text area

Used for multi-line text.

For example: a short description about the contact or their company


Used for numeric value.

For example: Number of units in stock

Checkbox (stand-alone)

Used for enabling or disabling a single option.

For example: If you want any field to be required or not

Radio button

Allows users to choose an option from a set of options. 

For example: The subscription plan that you opt for


Allows users to choose an option from a set of options. 

For example: Years of experience

Date picker

Allows users to enter dates in the format dd/mm/yyyy & of the user’s time zone.

For example: the sign-up date of a contact


Allows users to enable more than one option. 

For example: When you have more than one competitor for the product you are selling

Formula field

Auto-calculated fields that derive their value from an expression assigned by the admin.

For example: create a field that determines sales commissions based on deal value


Allows users to create relationships between different modules and enable users to display related lists of a record

For example: created a contact field lookup ‘Primary Decision Maker’ on a Deal so that relevant contacts can be found on the Deal landing page

How to create a new custom field in Freshchat? 

  • To create custom fields, navigate to Contacts from the sidebar

  • Click the Add field button to bring up the overlay to fill in details for your custom field. This brings up the Add field overlay. Choose the type of field you wish to create.

  • Once you've selected the field type, click the Add selected button to continue configuring the new field.
    • Assign a label for your customers and an internal label for your agents

    • Add tooltips to offer better context about the field 

    • Select a Group or Subgroup under which the field will be placed.

    • Configure the field properties by clicking the relevant checkboxes. You can make the field "required", "unique", or add it to the "quick-add" view.

    • You can also make it a read-only field. This will prevent the field from being edited.

  • Once you're done configuring the field, click the Save button.

  • You can access any new custom fields from the Contacts page.
  • You may notice that the contact fields on this page are grouped based on your business needs. This does NOT reflect in the Team Inbox. These groups can also be seen when you click a contact > Contact details > Contact fields.
  • If you want to configure which fields are visible in the Contact info pane, you can do it from the Team Inbox by clicking on the Manage icon. Learn more here.