What is a dynamic URL?

A dynamic URL is a URL of a web page dynamically generated from the database. Dynamic URLs contain parameters that request data from the database to populate the page content. Dynamic URLs help personalize the links thereby increasing engagement and conversions.

For example: In Freshmarketer, URLs like order status, abandoned cart link etc. These are dynamic as they contain information that is unique to each contact and transaction. 

Why should you add dynamic URLs as CTA buttons?

Adding placeholder links like Abandoned cart, order summary, or any other dynamic links from your events directly to the Whatsapp CTA will remove long URLs from the message template making it look clean and clickable.

This is how a message will look like with a Dynamic URL in CTA.

Steps to add dynamic URLs as CTA buttons in WhatsApp message template: 

  1. Go to your WhatsApp template manager 

  2. Start creating your messaging template

  3. Under the buttons section, click on “Add button” and select “visit website.”

Select the URL type as ‘Dynamic’ and add this link in the Website URL field: https://frshl.ink/cta?go=

Note: If you want to use a region-specific link, you can add any of the below URLs as well

5. Submit the template for review

6. Once the template is approved, select the same template in Freshmarkter WhatsApp campaigns and add the placeholder in the CTA, and launch the campaign

You are now ready to send WhatsApp campaigns with Dynamic URLs in the CTA button improving the engagement and click-through rate.