Note: Freddy is currently available in beta for customers on the Pro and Enterprise plan. While we are excited to offer free access to these features during this beta phase, we want to be transparent that as we refine and perfect these tools, it may transition to a paid model in the future. 


What is Freddy AI for Marketing?

Freddy AI for Marketing is your personal marketing assistant within Freshmarketer that helps you create and launch personalized campaigns automatically. Freddy AI helps you achieve this by significantly reducing the manual effort of identifying relevant segments, generating content, offering product recommendations, and finding the optimal send time to improve campaign performance and drive conversions. 

How to create campaigns with Freddy for marketing?

Freddy creates marketing campaigns based on your instructions in a chat-like interface. You can start by entering a prompt or picking a suggestion from the prompt library.

Info: A prompt is an input/instruction you give to Freddy AI describing the task you want to perform or an objective you want to achieve using Freddy. Prompts guide the output of Freddy and influence the tone, style, and messaging. 

For example: Create an email campaign that promotes a new product launch and offers a pre-launch discount

The prompt library in Freshmarketer is a set of pre-built prompts tailored to e-commerce use cases, readily available to create campaigns using Freddy. It is available on the left side panel of the Freddy page.

Defining campaign goals

Once you enter the prompt, Freddy recommends further steps to create a campaign. 

  • The first step is to define the campaign goal. It is important to provide your goal in detail as this forms the base for Freddy to understand your objective, identify the right audience segments, and generate relevant content.

For example: “I want to boost repeat sales from my store,” or “I want to re-engage my inactive customers,” etc.


Identifying and selecting audience segments

Using advanced AI algorithms, Freddy understands the campaign goals and theme. Freddy then uses RFM (recency, frequency, monetary value) based segmentation to identify audiences likely to respond positively to the campaign. 

Freddy can identify the following RFM-based segments.

Segment NameDefinition

Dormant customers

Includes customers with lower recency and frequency scores but significant monetary value—targeted efforts needed to re-engage and nurture loyalty.
Lost customersLowest recency score; haven't interacted for a while. Reaching out for re-engagement is crucial to regain interest and loyalty.
Price sensitive customersResponsive to discounts and promotions, this segment requires strategic pricing and personalized offers for retention without compromising profitability.
Loyal customersEngaged and supportive, this segment shows satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat purchases. 
Champion customersHighly valuable segment with top RFM scores—recent, frequent interactions and substantial contributions. Deserve special attention and rewards.
New customersIndividuals who have recently made their first purchase or started engaging with the store.
High-value but inactive customersHigh-value customers with lower recency/frequency need special attention to maintain loyalty and prevent the transition to the ‘Lost customers’ segment.

If you need to add additional segments or replace one of the current segments with another segment, you can type the instructions in the prompt box.

Generating content

After finalizing the segments, Freddy generates content that aligns with the campaign goals and overall theme. Freddy also offers product recommendations for every segment by analyzing purchase history, preferences, buying patterns, and trends, helping you drive more engagement and sales.

You can further ask Freddy to modify the tone and style of the message, and it gives you more options to choose from.

Previewing the campaign

Click on the “Preview” button to view the campaign or make any changes to the campaign.

Send a test email to review how the message appears in the inbox for your customers.

Once you are satisfied with the review and proceed further, Freddy suggests a few ways to launch the campaign.

You can ask Freddy to launch the campaign immediately or schedule it for a particular date and time. 


To improve the campaign performance further, Freddy looks at historical open rates and predicts the optimal send time when your customers are likely to open and engage with your campaign.

If you select Freddy’s recommendation, your campaign will be automatically launched at the optimal time for every contact, and you will see the below confirmation on the screen:

Congratulations! You have launched an email campaign with Freddy AI. You can close your conversation or continue chatting with Freddy to create another campaign.

Note: *The enablement of optional functionality is subject to certain feature-specific terms and conditions set forth in the Freshworks Supplemental Terms.

Please write to if you need further assistance or information.