Find records quickly using the global search option in the web application. As the number of records in the CRM increases, it’s very likely that there will be records that are similar. With the filter options available in Search, narrow down records faster.

To filter and search records,

  1. Click the global search bar

  1. In the Search overlay, enter the name of the record. It can be the name of a Contact/Account/Deal/Custom module or the title of a task/meeting/custom sales activity. For example, say you are searching for the Contact ‘Anson’

  2. Under the All results tab, you can view results across all modules and tasks

4. You can also filter by sales ownercreated at and updated at fields to narrow down the search to specific contacts

5. Click other tabs to view module specific results. For example, the Accounts tab would fetch results specific to the Accounts module

6. You can also add additional filters to refine your search results

7.You can choose your desired field to filter from the drop down

8. The new filter appears under the default filter options. 

9.Click reset to default to remove additional filters

10. Click Add more to add a custom sales activity as a new tab

11. The new tab appears with default filters


Note: Filters will stay intact on next login into the application, unless they are reset to default.

 Use the global search option to find your records quickly.