When the number of digits exceeds a set threshold, you can display numbers with a thousand and a decimal separator. In addition, you can also set up Display units to view values in K, M, B, and T. This helps improve readability when creating reports showing large values.

Here’s how you can format the numbers on your reports:

  1. Head over to the required widget and click on the Expand option for the widget.

  1. In the newly opened page, you can see the Display Units option on the top nav.

  1. Here, you can choose the format you want for the numbers. Choose between Auto, None, Thousand, Million, Billion, and Trillion.

  1. The numbers are formatted based on the selected option.


What happens if a default preference is not set

If a user has not set a preference for number formatting, it will default to the number format set at an account level. 

For custom fields, it will consider the field level preference. If a preference was not set while creating the custom field, the CRM will not apply any formatting to the field.