With the WooCommerce integration, you will find all WooCommerce bot templates in the Freshchat bot builder. Choose the template that works best for you and click Use. A version of the bot is created. You can make required changes to the bot, preview it, and publish it. 

Note: You need to have your WooCommerce account intgerated with your Freshmarketer or Freshsales Suite account for this to work. Click here to learn how you can integrate your WooCommerce account with Freshmarketer or Freshsales Suite. 

  • We have built out these bot templates with specific flows to view order details, authenticate customers via OTP, OTP fallback flow, order cancellation, refund, and payment issues.

  • Navigate to Chatbots > Templates > and choose between the two templates
  1. WooCommerce Bot
  2. WooCommerce Bot for WhatsApp

  • Once you decide on the bot template, click the Use button and create a copy of the template. You can now create a version to start editing the bot template. You must update all the API endpoints with account-specific information to ensure it works well between your Freshchat and WooCommerce accounts.

  • With this integration, you will be able to access the following WooCommerce actions with these bot templates:
    • List all orders
    • Get order details
    • Cancel order
    • Refund order
    • Update shipping address
    • List product categories
    • List products within a category

The template covers several use cases that are common across e-commerce businesses. You can view order details, authenticate customers via OTP, cancel orders, refund an order, or help with payment issues.