Freshworks Marketplace offers a Shopify integration that helps users connect their Shopify storefront with their CRM to streamline customer data and order events from the store. This integration enables users to set up multi-channel engagement and drive shop orders with conversational marketing and support. 

Note: You can connect only one Shopify store with a CRM account.

If you're an existing Freshworks user, you can easily connect your account with Shopify from the Marketplace in Admin Settings. 

Here's how you can set it up:

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Apps & Integrations > Marketplace Apps and search for Shopify.

  1. Click Install to view the integration settings page. Here, enter your Shopify store name. 

    For example: If your store name is, please enter acme here.

  1. On the Shopify page, review the permissions related to the app and click Install. You will be redirected to the login page if you are not logged into the store. Once confirmed, you will be redirected back to the CRM account.

  1. The integration is now set up, and Shopify is successfully integrated with your account.  

With the Shopify integration set up, all customers on your Shopify store will be brought into the CRM in the Contacts module. The CRM tracking code will be integrated with all pages across your Shopify store. 

With historical sync, customer records from Shopify will be synced as contacts on the CRM. You can easily track the number of contacts synced in the Marketplace app, showing Shopify as the source. The two systems will have a one-directional sync from Shopify to CRM. After connecting your Shopify store to the CRM, real-time sync of contacts and order events starts and remains active as long as the store remains connected.

Note: Visitor tracking functionality for eCommerce platforms is currently only available for Shopify-integrated accounts. Visitors who provide their information in the shipping page during the checkout process will be created as contacts. If not, they will continue to be a visitor. 

If you're having trouble finding the synced contacts, please review the integration settings again and drop a note to for further assistance.

Note: You can connect only one Shopify store with a CRM account.