With the Shopify integration set up, you will find all Shopify-related bots in the Templates tab under the Chatbots section. Choose the template you like and click Use. A version of the bot is created. You can make required changes to the bot, preview it, and publish it. 

Note: You need to have your Shopify account intgerated with your Freshmarketer or Freshsales Suite account for this to work. Click here to learn how you can integrate your Shopify account with Freshmarketer or Freshsales Suite. 

There are three versions of the Shopify template bot:

  1. Shopify Bot - Used to automate and track orders and get context for refund, cancellation, and payment issues.
  2. Shopify Bot for WhatsApp - This bot is optimized for WhatsApp channels to automate track orders, and get context for refund, cancellation, and payment issues.
  3. Shopify Advanced Bot - automates tracking orders, refunds, and cancellations. Context collection for payment issues

Let’s look at how you can use the Shopify bot template for your business. The template covers five major use cases that are common across e-commerce businesses.

  • Track order

  • Order cancellation

  • Order refund

  • Payment issues

  • Other queries

Track order:

You can view order details, track order status, get the tracking URL and open it in a new tab, view the price details and quantity of every line item in the order, payment status (paid or unpaid order), and fulfillment status (delivery status).

Order cancellation:

In the case of an unpaid order, the bot will cancel the order through this flow. If the order has been paid for, this flow will cancel the order and trigger a refund to the customer.

Order refund:

Any completed or fulfilled (delivered to the customer) order that is paid for - either COD (cash on delivery) or prepaid is eligible for a refund. As an admin, you can use this flow to automate your refund process. This flow will list all the orders eligible for a refund. Once triggered, the amount will be refunded to your customer.

Shop Products:

With the Shop Products flow, your customers can directly place their orders via bot conversations. The bot recommends products based on their needs and provides options to add and checkout products. It captures all the necessary information like order items and addresses details and redirects to the Shopify website for payment. In this way, businesses can ensure seamless purchase experiences for their customers and eliminate friction in the buying process.

Learn how to generate Shopify store tokens to set up this flow →

Payment issues:

This flow will list common payment issues e-commerce businesses/customers face. The context is retrieved, and the conversation is transferred to an agent seamlessly.

Other queries:

Every e-commerce store will have its policies and FAQs relevant to the industry. This flow is connected to the Answers module in the bot builder. By default, the module is disabled. Depending on your FAQ configuration, you can enable the module and connect your bot to your knowledge base.