Note: If you're using an older version of Freshchat (your URL would look like, please click here to learn about the prompt-based bot builder for your account.

With Freshchat, you can build bots that can understand your customers' questions posed through natural language. This is particularly useful to your customers when they are stuck and need help. The bot will understand the intent behind the customer's question and go through your FAQs and solutions to find relevant articles for them to consume.

Your bots can also start summarizing the articles for your customers to comprehend the solutions faster and easier. It can be a powerful tool to save customers time and solve their issues quickly.

  • Navigate to Admin > Freddy AI > Toggle on Answer generation under Self Service to respond to customer questions with answers and articles.

  • Navigate to Bots and select the bot for which you need to enable the article summary feature. 
  • Navigate to Natural language > Configure > Natural language settings > FAQ suggestion settings > and check the box beside Send a summary along with article recommendations.

Once you've enabled this, customers will start seeing a Freddy AI-generated summary of the FAQs, along with links to the FAQs for more details — whenever they reach out to ask a question for which the answers are available as part of your FAQs.

Freddy AI will derive the most suitable answers in response to your customer's questions from the articles that it surfaces. For example, if you've configured your bot to show three articles, Freddy will look for answers from all three articles and share the most relevant response along with the links to the three highest-ranking articles.

Your customers don't need to read the article links to find the most appropriate answer. The most appropriate answer is identified by Freddy AI and is served to your customers. If required, they can go through the actual article using the links that are also shared. Learn more about setting up FAQs in Freshchat.

Note: The enablement of optional functionality is subject to certain feature-specific terms and conditions set forth in the Freshworks Supplemental Terms.