As a support agent, you know how important it is to provide accurate and timely information to your customers. But when tickets get long, keeping track of all the details and ensuring everyone on your team is on the same page can be difficult. To address this issue, we're excited to introduce a new feature called Summarize, which can help you save time and streamline collaboration.

With Summarize, you can automatically generate a summary of a ticket based on all the replies made up until that point. You no longer need to manually summarize long tickets before handing them to new collaborators. Instead, you can rely on Summarize to do the work for you and edit the summary to ensure it accurately reflects the conversation.

Here's how to use Summarize:

1. Enable the feature from the Admin panel: On the Admin page, click on ‘Freddy’ (under the section titled ‘AI features’). On the Freddy admin panel, you’ll see a list of all Freddy features. click on the toggle button next to ‘Ticket content assist’ to enable it for your account.

2. Click on 'ticket summary'

To start with Summarize, simply navigate to the ticket you want to summarize and click the 'ticket summary' button. This will bring up the Summarize feature, automatically generating a summary based on all the replies made until that point.

The summarize feature now delivers output in the agent's profile language for more personalized communication e.g., A Japanese text summarized by Korean(the agent's profile language), the output will be in Korean.

3. Save the summary

If the summary looks good, save it by clicking the 'Save summary' button. However, if you need to make any changes or additions to the summary, you can edit the text directly in the summary box. Once you're happy with the summary, click on 'Save summary' to save it.

4. Edit the summary

If you need to update the summary later, you can do so by clicking the 'edit' button. This will allow you to make necessary changes to the summary and save the updated version.

5. Regenerate the summary to accommodate newer replies and updates

If new replies are added to the ticket, you can regenerate the summary to include them. To do so, simply click on 'edit' and then click on 'Generate summary' once more. This will replace the old summary with a newer summary that includes all the latest updates.

6. Delete the summary, if needed 

If you need to delete the summary for any reason, you can do so by clicking the 'delete' button. This will remove the summary from the ticket and allow you to start fresh.

7. Other use cases for Summarize

You can also use this feature to add a summary of the ticket at various touchpoints within Freshdesk. You can add ticket summaries to a Private Note, while forwarding a ticket, when linking tickets, and when creating a parent-child ticket.


Ticket Summarize is currently available as an add-on for Freddy Copilot. Interested customers on Pro and Enterprise plans can reach out to their account managers or navigate to their respective billings pages to purchase the add-on.

Note: The enablement of optional functionality is subject to certain feature-specific terms and conditions set forth in the Freshworks Supplemental Terms.