What are Price drop notifications?

Sometimes, the customers might be interested in a product but they find the price to be high. They might buy later when there is a price drop or discount. Price drop notifications feature allows customers to sign up and express their interest, and enables store owners to send automated alerts when the product is available at a lower price.

How do price drop notifications help marketers and store owners?

Price-drop notifications are a great way to re-engage with price-sensitive customers who are eager to shop when there’s a drop in the price of their favorite products. Using price-drop notifications, marketers and store owners can send automated personalized alerts to bring such customers back to their store and drive sales.

How to enable Price drop notifications?

From the Admin Settings, head to E-Commerce settings and click on the “Notify me” Form.

Select Price drop notifications and click on Configure

There are 3 steps to finish the setup of the “Notify me” form:

Adding the script from the application

Once you click on configure, the “Notify me” script will be automatically added to your website.

Note: If you face any errors adding the script to your website, go to "Adding script manually" section of the article

Customizing “Notify me” experience

Click on “Customize” to manage the ‘Notify me’ form experience on your online store.

Provide the button label and color based on your preferences. Then, customize the content of your "Notify me" form and confirmation message.

Click on "Save" to publish your changes.

Enabling Price drop notifications journey

  • Click on “Go to journeys” button next to the third step to view the ready-made template for price drop journey.

  • Alternatively, you can also create a Journey from scratch. 

  • On the journey builder, drag and drop the trigger “On Shopify event” and select the event “Notify me when price drops.”

  • Next, add the control “Notify when price drops”

  • Select the percentage of price drop and click on "Save"

  • Next, select the action block as “Send email” to send price drop notifications via email

  • Select the price drop email campaign from existing campaigns or create a new one from scratch.

  • If you are creating the email from scratch, read this article to configure price drop block in journey emails.

  • You can also configure your Journey to send WhatsApp and SMS messages. Choose “Send WhatsApp” or “Send SMS” action blocks respectively.

  • Once you select the campaign, click on "Start Journey to trigger the campaign automatically when there is a price drop on your products.
  • You can view the Journey metrics under the Analytics tab for more insights.

Adding script manually

  • Go to the current theme on the admin settings page, click on three dots, and then click on Edit code
  • Then go to Sections->main-product.liquid file and add the below script at the bottom of the file:
<script src='' id='fm-price-drop-notification-script' defer></script>x`

Dependencies that must be present in the Shopify store:

  1. main-product.liquid file must be available on the website. If this file is not available, then you need to create the required DOM elements for your product page and add the script file manually to the product page.

  2. Product object value (Shopify provides this) must be present on the product page. If the product object is not available, then you need to set up a global variable with the name product with the same properties provided by Shopify. 

For more details, please visit

What to do if you face issues with the “Notify Me” button placement?

If the script is not working because the dependent DOM elements are not there, find the file where the sold out button element is present. Usually the element is available in the main-product.liquid file. Troubleshoot for the following:

  1. Sold out button wrapper element 

Check if “product-form” class name is present in the sold out button wrapper element. If it is already available, then you do not need to add anything. If it is not present, then add "product-form fm-product-buttons" in the sold out wrapper element.

  1. Sold out button

Check if “product-form__submit” class name is already present in the sold out button element. If it is already present you do not need to add anything. If it is not present, add "product-form__submit fm-sold-out" class name in sold out button element

  1. Variant wrapper element

Check if the variant wrapper element is of type fieldset. If it is so, you do not need to add anything. If it is not, then add "fm-variant-parent-element" class name to the wrapper element

  1. Variant radio button element

Check if the input element of type radio is present for the variant radio element. If it is already present, you do not need to add anything. If it is not, then add "fm-variant-type-option" class name to the variant radio button element and, when the variant element is selected,  add "is--selected" class name to the radio element.

Code Example for sold out button wrapper:

<product-form class=”product-form fm-product-buttons">

  <div class="product-form__buttons">

    <button class="product-form__submit">Sold out</button>



Code Example for sold out button for adding custom class:

<div class="product-form fm-product-buttons">

      <button class="product-form__submit fm-sold-out">Sold out</button>


Code Example for variant element for adding custom class:

<div class=”fm-variant-parent-element>

<div class= “fm-variant-type-option is–selected”>Red</div>

<div class= “fm-variant-type-option”>Red</div>

<div class= “fm-variant-type-option”>Red</div>


How to disable Price drop notifications?

Go to Admin settings > “Notify me” Form. Go to Price drop notifications and click on “Disable notifications”

Note: Disabling notifications will remove the “Notify me” form and disable all the automated Price drop journeys you have set up on your CRM.

If you face any problems while enabling or disabling the price drop notifications on your website, please reach out to