Using Segments, you can target your audience based on the events they perform on your website, like placing orders, abandoning carts without checking out, etc.

If you wish to segment your customers based on their Shopify events,

  • Go to Marketing Automation > Segments > Create Segment.

  • Name the Segment.

  • Under Segmentation criteria, select Shopify.

  • Select the action as “Performed” or “Not performed”

  • Select the Shopify event from the list, frequency, and time.

List of Shopify events

Abandoned cart 

The customer added items to the cart but did not proceed to checkout.

Added product to cart 

The customer added items to the cart.

Order canceled 

The customer placed an order and canceled it.

Order fulfilled - 

The customer filled in their details for the order.

Notify Me -

The customer clicked on the “notify me” option for out-of-stock orders.

Order placed

 The customer has placed the order.

Order refunded 

The customer has received the refund for a canceled/returned order.

Checkout started

 The customer has started the checkout process.

Viewed product

 The customer has viewed the products.

Here is a sample Shopify event configured for customers who’ve initiated checkout in the last 24 hours but haven’t purchased yet.