Contact score can be used as a trigger to automate manual tasks. Here are some ways in which you can set up automations based on contact score: 

1. Add PQL/Likely to buy tag based on score

When a contact increases above a score(that is configurable)mtt, the CRM triggers automation to assign a system tag to the contact. The tag will be Product Qualified Leads PQLs for SaaS business and Likely to buy for non-SaaS businesses. This way, high-quality contacts are automatically tagged making it easier for sales teams to identify which contacts to prioritize. The tag is not removable by users, and it will be retained even if the score drops below the configured score. This way, sales teams have a fixed list of top contacts with high intent. 

The CRM also updates the lifecycle stage if the contact matches the (configurable) score. For SaaS businesses, the CRM automatically creates a Product Qualified Lead stage. 

2. Assign tasks and set up notifications

You can also set up automation to assign tasks and/or send notifications to the contact owner for an event performed by the contact. Choose from events captured by Segment/CRM tracking code. For example, for a SaaS business, if a contact completes a key feature like Data Import, a follow-up task is automatically created, and a notification is sent to the salesperson. This helps them prioritize key contacts who are exploring the product and engage with them contextually. Set up more custom events like trial subscription ended, payment failed, and more. 

3. Filter contacts in sales sequences based on contact score

Set up sales sequences based on contact score. Add contacts to a sequence based on conditions and set up the required score. Create sequences to nurture contacts with low score to improve customer engagement. 

4. Filter contacts in workflows based on contact score

Set up workflows for contact records based on the contact score. Select contact score as condition and choose the required values. Choose the actions that need to be triggered for the contacts that match the criteria. For instance, assign contacts with low scores to teams focusing on re-engagement to improve engagement. sales owner based on contact score.