Exotel Freshchat Plugin enables users to manage calls directly from Freshchat. It enables a user to have Incoming Call intimation, visualize the call details along with call recordings and provide Click2Call capabilities. It allows seamless integration for enhanced agent productivity and a better experience. 

Key Benefits:

 1. Call Intimations - Get the notification in your Freshchat inbox, whenever an incoming call comes on to your customer-facing Exotel Number or an outbound call is initiated from Freshchat. 

2. Automated Call log Creation - Ability to create/update a call log and associate the call with it. Automatic call log creation for Missed Calls 

3. Click2Call - Initiate call between you and your customer, directly from Freshchat. 

4. Call Details - Call Recordings and Call Duration getting automatically added to the call logs. 

5. User Mapping - Map Exotel Agents to Freshchat Users and enable Click-2-Call. You can upload Bulk User Mapping with our new feature and search for a user with Mobile Number or Freshchat User Name. 

6. Work on just one interface and improve your agent productivity by eliminating context-switching.

Installation Steps:


Freshchat and Exotel accounts. 

Exotel CTI Installation:

1. Log in to your Freshworks Account. 

2. Go to Admin settings > Marketplace and Integrations - Marketplace Apps. 

3. Search for 'Exotel CTI' app in the search box and click install. 

4. Fill the Freshworks CRM Domain, Freshworks CRM API Key, Exotel Account Region, Exotel AccountSid (SID), Exotel API Key, Exotel API Token 

6. Choose Freshdesk Agent Roles that will perform user mapping between Freshchat Agents and Exotel co-worker's numbers by clicking on “Get Users” button 

7. Click on the validate button. 

8. Click the Save button. 

9. All done! Exotel CTI will be available in your Freshchat Account. 

How to use Exotel CTI: 

1. In the CTI, click the settings icon. The User mapping screen is displayed with all the users populated. Either click on the "Edit" button against each user to map the Freshsales Agent with Exotel Details (CallerId, Mobile Number, CLick-2-Call), or use 'Bulk Upload' to upload user mapping for all the users in one shot. 

2. While editing individual users, fill the CallerID (Exophone) from the dropdown that will be used while making an outbound call, and enter the agent's Mobile Number in the E164 format, Check the checkbox against Click-2-Call (if needed) and click on the "Save" button. 

3. For Incoming calls, Caller detail notification is displayed. 

4. To create a call log/add a note to the existing call log for an incoming or outgoing call, click the "Add Note" button on the caller details Notification page. 

5. To Add Note to the existing call log, click the "Add Note" button on the Call History page or on the Caller Details page. 

6. The call recording and duration of the call is added to the ticket that is created for the call.