Freshcaller lest you view the recording of each incoming and outgoing call conversation in the Team inbox. As an admin, you can also access the call metrics section for each call directly from the Team inbox. 

With call metrics, you can deeper insights into the overall performance of your business. For example, the call lifecycle gives you sneak peek into a call's entire journey and lets you view the series of call events chronologically. You can also check important inbound call metrics like call handle time, answer speed, wait time, etc.

User/Role: Only admins and account admins can access the Call Metrics tab.

How to view call metrics:

  1. Log into your account as an admin.
  2. From the left panel, click Team Inbox. For all th phone conversations, you will see a corresponding call recording. Click on the three dots next to the recording and choose View call detail.
  3. You will be redirected to the Call Metrics page.

You will see the following sections in Call Metrics:

  1. Call Metrics Table
  2. Search Box
  3. Filters and Export

Call Metrics Table

Freshcaller provides an extensive set of basic and advanced call metrics that provide detailed information about each inbound and outbound call in your call center.

Basic Metrics: Provides the basic details, for example, the name of the caller/company/customer, the type of call (inbound or outbound), the call timestamp, the agent who received or dialed, the called number, and the timestamp of the call.

Advanced Metrics: Provides deeper insights on your call center's performance and operational efficiency on top of deriving insights from the basic call metrics.

Note: To view more call metrics, you can use the export option.

Applicable Pricing Plan

Customer Name/Number

The name or number of the customer who dialed or received the call

DirectionIndicates if the call is inbound or outbound.Basic

Assigned to/Agent Name

The agent who handled the call.

For a bot call, you will see the call queue name that initiated the bot call.

Related call

Indicates if a call has a subsequent child/related call.
When you transfer or initiate a conference call with another agent, a child call is created.

The blue bubble next to the agent name indicates the number of related calls made. Click on the bubble to view more details. For more information, see Viewing Related Calls.



The phone number used for the call


Billing Duration

The duration for which the call will incur charges

Call TimeThe timestamp of the callBasicAll
Call TagsThe list of tags an agent added during or after the callAdvancedGarden, Estate, and Forest
Call Notes The notes an agent enters during or after the conversation. If a call record has call notes, you will see a corresponding icon in the call metrics table.BasicAll


The recording of the call. You can pause and play the recording as needed. If you have a call recorded, you will see a corresponding call recording icon in the call metrics table.

If you have Freshcaller's Voicebase PCI redaction app in your account, the call recordings will be redacted for any customer's sensitive data. In this case, you will see the redaction icon next to your recordings.

BasicBlossom, Garden, Estate, and Forest
Transcription (Voice mail)
The transcribed text of a voicemail recording. If you have a voicemail transcript, you will see a corresponding voicemail transcript icon in the Call Metrics table.AdvancedBlossom, Garden, Estate, and Forest
Call Transcript
The transcribed text of a call.

For a bot call, you will see the transcribed text of the conversation between the customer and bot. 
AdvancedForest (enabled on request)

In addition to the above metrics, you can also view metrics related to any third-party app integration. For example, if you have a Freshdesk integration, you will see Freshdesk ticket links.

The search box allows you to quickly search for call records using the notes added by agents during a call.

To search using call notes, enter the call note text in the search box and hit Enter. The search result shows all the calls with the matching call notes.

Filters and Export

With the Filters option, you can drill down and narrow the calls based on few categories. For example, you can filter the calls based on the type of call - Answered, Missed, Abandoned, or Voicemail. For more details, see Filtering Call Metrics.

Similarly, the Export option allows you to export the call details in an excel format. You can use this information to gain deeper insights into your Freshcaller account. For details, see Exporting Call Metrics.

Call Details

In addition to the basic call metrics available in the call metrics table, you can find additional details in the Call Details section. When you click on a call record in the table, you will see the Call Details section, which has the following tabs:

  • Call Summary: Gives you a quick gist on the call with details like the call cost, call duration, etc.
  • Call Lifecycle: Displays the complete lifecycle of each call. 
  • Call Transcript: Displays the transcribed text of a call.
  • Integrations: Allows you to manage in-house Freshworks product integrations. You can view the existing ticket, create a new ticket, or add to an existing ticket.