With Freshchat’s Telephony Partner Extension with Aircall, you can bring your Aircall account into Freshchat to meet all your customer support needs. With this integration, you can:

  • Extend phone accessibility and offer conversational experiences across traditional and modern channels
  • Enhance agent productivity
  • Empower admins to optimize processes

Note: This functionality is only available for accounts signed up after June 27, 2022 on the Pro and Enterprise plan.

This article contains the following sections,

  1. Integrating Freshchat with Aircall
  2. Agent experience with the Aircall integration
  3. Mobile Experience
  4. FAQ

Integrating Freshchat with Aircall

Here's a video walkthrough of the Aircall-Freshchat integration,

Admins can integrate Aircall with Freshchat by performing the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Channels >Phone
  2. Select Aircall from the phone channel providers list to navigate to the Aircall page on the Freshchat marketplace. Then, click Install again. Note that only one phone app can be installed at a time. 
  3. Enter the API ID and API Token for your Aircall account from your Aircall dashboard. 
  4. Provide your Freshchat Domain and API Key. Find your Freshchat Domain from the URL bar, and go to Settings->Admin Settings->API->APIs to find your Freshchat API. 
  5. Provide your CRM API Key and click Install. To get your CRM API Key, click on User profile > Settings>API Settings>Your API Key.
  6. Once installed, click on the Aircall icon to load the widget. 
  7. Enter your Username and Password. The Aircall agent widget is now set and ready to use.

Agent experience with the Aircall integration

Start a new call

  • Use the keypad or select a contact from the People tab to start a call
  • After connecting, Freshchat creates a new conversation and redirects you to the Inbox with this conversation open
  • When the call ends, find the details and recording in the chat bubble

In-call actions

Agents can perform the following actions from within the widget:

  • Place a call on hold and mute
  • Pause a call recording
  • Add call notes
  • Transfer a call to another agent/supervisor (Warm/Cold Transfer)
  • Add other agents/supervisors to an ongoing call
  • Assign calls

Actions such as adding call notes as private notes can be performed from the Inbox even after a call has ended.

Receiving Calls

  • When receiving a call, Freshchat creates a new conversation and redirects you to the Inbox with this conversation open
  • Click on the View Contact button on the Aircall widget to open the Freshchat contact page
  • When the call ends, find the details and recording in the chat bubble
  • Add private notes on the Aircall widget while on call. When the call ends, find them as Private Notes in the Freshchat conversation inbox

Missed calls

  • Missed calls will appear in the Conversation Inbox with the label Missed Call 
  • Agents can call the customer back from the same window
    Managing missed calls in Freshchat team inbox


  • Click on a conversation tagged Voicemail to listen to messages from the Inbox
  • Click on the Call Back button to return calls
  • View and hear call recordings from the Aircall dashboard

Mobile Experience

To provide a seamless “anywhere, anytime” engagement, Freshchat also enables agents to access conversations from the Freshchat mobile app.

However, here are some following important points to consider:

  1. The Freshchat mobile app supports only agent actions (e.g., responding, viewing, adding notes). Admin settings require the web version.
  2. Conversations from different channels with the same customer are not grouped in the mobile app.
  3. Phone calls are handled through the Aircall app, not Freshchat. Calls appear as recordings in Freshchat after the call.
  4. Voicemail recordings are accessible via links in Freshchat, redirecting to Aircall for playback.
  5. Notes made in Aircall during calls are saved as private notes in Freshchat post-call.


I have successfully integrated Aircall into my Freshchat account; why are conversations not created inside Freshchat?

If you don't find Aircall conversations in Freshchat after integration, 

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Contacts > Email and disable Email as a Unique field setting. 
  2. Uninstall and reintegrate the Aircall app. 

This should start creating conversations in Freshchat.