Sometimes you might notice some of your test emails landing in spam. Let’s try and understand why.

Exceeding test email limits

You can directly send test emails to any email address. Some spammers could take advantage of this feature and send unsolicited emails. That’s why there is a limit to sending 25 test emails per day. Don’t abuse the limit and send emails to people who will not engage with your email, this could activate spam filters, and your email will land in spam.

Filler content

While sending your test emails, if you use filler content like test123 in subject lines or the body of the email,  it could trigger the spam filters of the mailbox provider and mark your email as spam. So, keep your test email content as your actual email content.

Ignoring test emails

If you send test emails regularly to your inbox and your recipients never engage with them, chances are that your email provider identifies this as spam. Soon you’ll start finding your email in the spam folder.

Build a test email list so that you send your emails to a set of people you want. Alternatively, you can use the preview feature on the web application to view how your campaign looks across devices.

From/reply-to address

If you send test emails to your email address which is also the same as the From email address, Gmail might consider someone is using a false email address to pose as you. Gmail could identify this as a potential phishing attack and mark your email as spam. Using a different email address or viewing your template in preview from the web application is recommended..

Organizational firewalls

If you send test emails to multiple people in your organization, your organizational firewalls or spam filters might be why your email is flagged as spam. Check your firewall settings to allow emails from your account to ensure this issue doesn’t arise.

Check these factors and ensure you are not doing any of them  to resolve the issues of your test emails going to spam.

Always follow ethical email marketing practices and stick to your regular sending volumes and schedule. Happy emailing!