Get a complete list of historical activities or events that occurred on an account using the Account activity timeline. This includes activities of the related deals of the account too.

How to access the activity timeline?

To access the activity timeline of an account,

  1. Go to the Details or Customer 360  page of an account.
  2. Under the Details section, click the Activity Timeline tab. You can view all activities — lifecycle events, sales and deal activities, and Conversations here.

Filtering events on the activity timeline

To filter by specific activity, filter the types under the ‘All activities’ dropdown. To filter by time period,

use the ‘All time periods’ drop down. Use the following event types to narrow down your search:

  1. Lifecycle events - Field updates and associations
  2. Sales activities - Tasks, meetings, and custom sales activities
  3. Conversations - Phone calls
  4. Deal Events - Enable the Show Deal Activities button to view events of the Deals that are associated with the account. Deal events can be filtered at a module level but not for individual deals.

You can also view the below Deal events on the Account Timeline:

  1. Deal associations/deletions
  2. Deal pipeline, stage changes
  3. Deal value, owner, and territory changes 
  4. Product associations to deals
  5. Deal team member changes
  6. Deal forecast and prediction changes
  7. Updates of calls, tasks, meetings, and sales activities associated with deals