Get a complete list of historical activities or events that occurred on an account using the Account activity timeline. This includes activities of the related deals and related contacts of the account.

How to access the activity timeline?

To access the activity timeline of an account,

  1. Go to the Details or Customer 360  page of an account.

  2. From the Details section, click the Activities tab. Under the Activity timeline, you can view all types of activities — lifecycle events, sales activities, deal activities, and conversations.

  3. You can also view all activities like email engagement, webpage visits, etc.,  associated with the related contacts of the account. 

Filtering events on the activity timeline

To filter by specific activity, filter the types under the ‘All activities’ dropdown. To filter by time period,

use the ‘All time periods’ drop down. Use the following event types to narrow down your search:

  1. Lifecycle events: Field updates and associations -  available for the account in view, its related contacts and deals.
  2. Sales activities: Tasks, meetings, and custom sales activities - available for the account in view, its related contacts and deals.
  3. Conversations - Phone calls apply to both the account and its related contacts. Sales Emails, SMS, and Chat available for related contacts only.
  4. Marketing Events - Marketing emails, Journey events, SMS Campaign events, WhatsApp events, Landing page and Facebook Lead Gen events available for the related contacts.
  5. Other events - Custom events and Website events available for the related contacts.

Filter events by Deals

You can filter events of the Deals that are associated with the account by selecting the “Show deal activities” checkbox. Deal events can be filtered only at the module level but not for individual deals.

You can view the below Deal events when the ‘Show deal activities’ is selected:

  1. Deal associations/deletions

  2. Deal pipeline, stage changes

  3. Deal value, owner, territory changes 

  4. Product associations to deals

  5. Deal team member changes

  6. Deal forecast and prediction changes

  7. Updates of calls, tasks, meetings, and sales activities associated to deals

Filter events by Contacts

  1. To filter events by contacts, simply click on the contacts dropdown, select the contacts for whom you want to view activities.

  2. Note: Only the primary contacts of Accounts will be displayed. For accounts that do not have a primary contact associated with them you cannot filter the Account activity timeline by contact-related activities. 

    To set a primary contact for an account, navigate to Contacts. Select and add the right account.

  3. You can filter activities for up to a maximum of 100 contacts under an account. 


  4. Note: You cannot view upcoming and overdue activities in the Account Activity Timeline

  5. Email activities of all related contacts are aggregated and displayed on a single card. The aggregated events can be viewed by clicking the ‘more events’ link on the card.

    On clicking more events link,  a slider opens which displays aggregated events which can be further filtered by the type of email events like “Sent” , “Replied” etc.

  6. Tasks, Meetings, and Custom sales activities of related contacts and deals are aggregated and displayed as shown below

    You can view the aggregated events by clicking on the ‘View history’ link on the card. These aggregated events can be further filtered by event types like added, marked complete etc.

    Note: If a task/meeting/custom sales activity is associated with the account, related contacts, and related deals you will be able to view two cards on the account timeline. One card depicts the task events from Account+related deals, and the other card depicts the same task events from related contacts.

  7. For events like field updates, you can view a clear differentiation between Contact Activity vs. Deal Activity in the timeline card.

  8. Whenever a task is associated/removed from an account or a related deal, or a related contact, you will be able to view them here.