When your business has more than one iOS mobile app, you can push live-chat notifications to users from a single Freshchat account using the P8 key support for mobile SDK. 

With this update, Freshchat can support uploading the new P8 key. Customers can also choose to work with the existing P12 certificate. However, only one certificate can be uploaded at a time.

Prerequisite: You should already use the P8 certificate for notification service on your iOS apps. 

1. You will not be allowed to use both P8 and P12 certificates simultaneously.
2. Once you set this up, you will receive notifications on your mobile apps linked to the P8 key.
3. When using the .p8 key file, you do not need to renew your certificate yearly. While using .p12 certificates, you need to renew the certificate and the endpoint once a year.

Uploading P8 certification on your Freshchat account: 

You can upload the P8 certificate on your Freshchat account with the following steps: 

  • Navigate to Freshchat settings > Admin > Channels > Mobile SDK. 

  • Navigate to the iOS section APNS push certificate (iOS). 
  • Now, you will see two options - the P12 and P8 Certificates. Select P8 Certificate.  

  • Upload the P8 certificate (generated outside Freshchat), enter the Team ID, Auth ID, and Click Save. Use the 'Learn more' link to help you find your system P8 certificate.

Please reach out to support@freshchat.com for any queries.