With attribution reports, you can know when a campaign has led to a purchase and have the revenue attributed to that campaign. This is available for email campaigns, journey emails, SMS & WhatsApp campaigns, and journeys. 

Note: This feature is available only for Freshmarketer and Freshsales Suite accounts connected with a Shopify store.

To view the revenue attribution for an email campaign, head over to the Analytics section of the respective campaign. 

For a journey, you can view the attribution by channel and also overall. The order will be attributed to the individual channel, and the summation of orders across channels will be presented in the overview tab. 

In the analytics tab for each campaign/journey, you can monitor the performance across widgets like Revenue, Average order value, and Total number of orders. In the Orders tab, you can view the total orders by Revenue. 

How is revenue attributed to a campaign

Set up the email/SMS/WhatsApp campaign with links and include source, medium, and campaign. When the user clicks on these links, the campaign is identified using these parameters. You can view the parameters on the following fields that are auto-filled when the user clicks on the link:

  1. Most recent campaign

  2. Most recent medium

  3. Most recent source

The values are stored in the field till the user clicks on the next campaign. Any purchase made by the user for 7 days is attributed to that campaign. After the 7th day, the attribution will not be made to the campaign. 

For WhatsApp campaigns, attribution will only be on clicks from placeholder URLs in the template. The revenue will not be attributed to static URLs directly added to the WhatsApp templates and CTAs.

The following values will be updated in the fields when an order is attributed to a campaign:

Campaign type

Most Recent Medium

Most Recent Source

Most Recent Campaign

Bulk Email Campaigns 


Bulk Email

<Email Campaign Name>

Journey Emails using Journeys


Journey Email

<Journey Email Name>

WhatsApp campaign using Journeys 


Journey WhatsApp

<Journey WhatsApp Name>

SMS campaign using Journeys


Journey SMS

<Journey SMS Name>