PQLs are high-quality leads who have tried out the product or service through a free trial or on a freemium plan. For SaaS businesses particularly, PQLs are high-intent leads that have a high likelihood of converting to paid users. Sales and marketing teams can get context on how these leads have been using the product and reach out to them for further engagement. 

What can you do with the PQL tag?

With the Segment integration set up with your CRM, you can view product-related events and prioritize contacts based on actions they have completed/not completed on the product. These contacts can be tagged as PQLs. Example: For a SaaS company, contacts who have activated their account are PQLs and the sales team can prioritize reaching out to these PQLs. 

1. Tag automation rule and filtering capability

If a contact scores above a set score, the CRM will automatically tag it as a PQL. This way, it is easier to find PQLs among the different contacts. You can filter contacts using this tag in the contacts list view page. 

2. Curated view on “My Product Qualified Leads” on Contacts list page

View all PQLs owned by you with a custom view. The view is created by default when the Segment integration is enabled. It will display the PQLs assigned to each salesperson. 

3. Set up workflows based on the PQL tag or the contact score

With workflows, you can automate set actions to be executed when a condition is met. For example, if the contact score is greater than 80, a task can be automatically created for the salesperson to set up a call. 

Note: You can set up workflows to be triggered based on the PQL tag or the contact score. Learn more about workflows here.