To create a social post on the CRM, images and videos should meet specific requirements, e.g., file size, resolution, etc., based on the platform you want to post to. We’ve listed down important recommendations for the different platforms below:

Facebook and Instagram images

  • Your image dimensions need to be atleast 200x200
  • The maximum file size supported by these platforms is 8 MB
  • If you want to optimize your images for high-resolution devices, ensure that they are at least 1200x630 pixels
  • To make sure that your images are not cropped in the News Feed, the aspect ratio should be approximately 1.91:1 
  • Learn more about Facebook and Instagram image requirements here

Facebook and Instagram videos

  • Facebook and Instagram support the following file types: MP4, MOV, or GIF.
  • Ensure that your optimal aspect ratio is 4:5.
  • The minimum width for your videos is 500 pixels.
  • Your optimal resolution should be at least 1080x1080 pixels.
  • For Facebook, the length of your videos can be between 1 second and 2 minutes on Facebook. For Instagram, the length of your videos should be between 1 second and 1 minute on Instagram.
  • The maximum video file size supported by Facebook and Instagram is 30 MB.
  • Learn more about video recommendations for Instagram here