The CRM supports integration with Instagram business accounts. With this integration, powered by the Freshworks Neo platform, you can now send and receive Instagram messages directly from the CRM. Apart from direct messages, you can also respond to story replies and comments and deploy bots to provide delightful customer support.

Prerequisites to setting up the integration

  • An active Instagram Business account with a Facebook page connected to it
  • Administrator access to the Instagram Business Account and the Facebook Business page
  • To manage conversations over API, enable message control using the steps below:
  • Connect your Instagram business account from your Facebook business page, found under Facebook Page Settings → Instagram. 

If you have already connected your Facebook Business page from the Instagram mobile app, please disconnect and reconnect from the Facebook Business page.

Enable Message Control Connected Tools Settings

Follow the below instructions as set by Instagram to manage messages over API

Setting up the integration

  • Go to Admin Settings → Other Channels → Facebook 

  • Click on ‘Add Account’

  • You will be redirected to the Facebook login page. Sign in to your Instagram Business account

  • You would land on the authorization page after you sign in. Click on ‘Continue’ to authorize (Freshmarketer) Freshworks to access your Instagram DM.

  • Next, you can select the Instagram Business account(s) you want to connect 

  • Choose the Business Pages (linked to the Instagram Business account) you’d want to connect with the CRM

  • Configure the necessary permissions to enable the integration.

    Configure Freshworks App as Primary Receiver in Facebook page settings

  • Head over to Facebook Page Settings -> Advanced Messaging - >  Handover Protocol -> Instagram Receiver -> Select Freshworks App

    You can connect up to 50 Instagram Business accounts and choose to remove select accounts from within your CRM instance at any point in time.