WhatsApp has enforced rate limits applicable to all WhatsApp Business users.

Tier 1Upto 1,000 message recipients per day
Tier 2Upto 10,000 message recipients per day
Tier 3

Upto 100,000 message recipients per day

Tier 4Unlimited message recipients per day

All new WhatsApp-enabled numbers are classified as Tier 1. WhatsApp automatically moves customers between tiers by constantly monitoring message volume and quality for a period of 7 days.

During the seven days, if the WhatsApp-enabled number is found to have communicated with twice the recipients of the per-day limit and the quality rating is high, WhatsApp automatically moves it to the next tier on the next day. A number may also be downgraded or prevented from moving to the next tier if the quality rating is low. Numbers exceeding the daily limit set by WhatsApp will face undelivered message errors.

For example, a WhatsApp-approved Freshworks number would initially start at Tier 1. If the number sends 50 messages on day 1, 100 messages on day 2, 200 messages on day 4, and 500 messages on days 5, 6, and 7, then at the end of day 7, the number would be automatically upgraded to the next tier, i.e., Tier 2. The rate limits are not applicable to user-initiated messages.

Please note that Freshworks cannot influence quality rating nor move numbers between tiers for its customers.

Quality rating

WhatsApp relies on user feedback to measure the quality of messages. This quality rating affects how users move across these tiers. Factors influencing this quality rating include the frequency rate of "report spam" and "block" reported by your users. Those with low-quality ratings will not move higher up in the tiers.

WhatsApp’s guidelines to increase quality rating include:

  • Ensure that all messages follow the WhatsApp Business Policy.
  • Send messages to users who have agreed to receive communication from your brand/business.
  • Personalize messages that speak to the audience. Avoid sending open-ended welcome or introductory messages.
  • Send the right number of messages. Avoid spamming users with too many messages. Optimize for message content and length.

For more details, view Capacity and Messaging Limits as dictated by Meta.