You can deploy your bots on WhatsApp and offer excellent customer service wherever your customers are. Before you begin, make sure you have integrated your Freshchat account with WhatsApp. Learn more about integrating WhatsApp with Freshchat here.

  • Once you integrate Freshchat with your WhatsApp number, a Topic is created to handle all conversations from it. You can name this topic (and later edit it) by navigating to Admin > Integrations > WhatsApp Business > Edit (of the number which you wish to edit) Conversation > Topic.
  • You can further edit the properties of the WhatsApp Topic by navigating to Admin > Topics, where you can click on the Topic you earlier configured for the WhatsApp integration. This will let you set up the Topic with more control to offer better customer service. On this page, you can choose to trigger a bot with a 'hello' or assign incoming conversations to a group.

Note: WhatsApp only accepts text and strings as inputs. Therefore, please configure your bot with the Text field as the input type and Text as the field type.

  • While building your bot, select Whatsapp as your channel in the first step.

  • You can present the customers with a list of options (buttons, carousels, dropdowns, articles) marked by a series of numbers that they can respond with. With these responses, the customer will go through the bot flow. You will be able to select only those elements which are supported in Whatsapp.

  • Once you've finished setting up the bot, publish the bot and navigate to Deploy at the top right corner to deploy your bot.
  • When the customer reaches out through WhatsApp, they will be greeted with the initial Hello message and a series of services available using the bot. The customer responds with one of the numbers. You can configure the bot flow with conditions to route the user to the respective flow based on the customers' input. You can also configure a flow to prompt the customer if they give an invalid input.
  • You can also use WhatsApp's formatting options, such as asterisks before and after a word to make the font appear bold. For example, *Hello* world will be rendered as Hello world on Whatsapp. You can also use emojis in your message with the rich text editor.
  • You can also set up the slash command quick action for a bot that you're setting up. However, the other quick actions, such as predefined buttons and widget menus, can't be configured if the bot will be deployed on WhatsApp.

Here's a look at how the customer experience will be:

Customers can initiate the bot flow with a 'Hello' text. 


Mapping a chatbot to a topic: 

  • Set up your bots with the bot builder, making sure to build specific bot flows for each Topic that you want to deploy your bots on.
  • To start using the conversations widget, finish setting up your bot flows, and navigate to Deploy > Deploy options > Messaging Channels > Save.
  • Navigate to Admin > Topics
  • You will find a pre-defined topic that you must have already created. On this page, toggle the Trigger a bot and pick the bot that you built with the specific flows designed for this Topic.


Please read this article to learn more about channel/widget-specific input capabilities.