You can configure the 'Typically responds in' time for your website to set realistic expectations with your customers and website visitors. 

To set the response time, there are two options that can be used:

i) The 90th percentile of response time (Use this to give users a realistic picture during low chat volume scenarios.)
ii) The time to first response - This also takes into account the chat assignment time. (Use this to give users a realistic picture during high chat volume scenarios.)

You can view real-time values for these two options in your Dashboard within the Speed of Response widget. These values are auto-generated based on your team performance and cannot be configured manually.

To configure response expectations,

Go to Admin > Account Settings > Response Expectations.

Now, Select Response time or Time for first response based on your requirements and click Save.

To change the widget text 'Typically responds in', refer to our developer's documentation.