We recently upgraded our architecture to provide better stability and performance for your WhatsApp Business - Freshchat integration. So your Freshchat - WhatsApp integration needs to be upgraded using a simple OTP-based verification process, just like the integration process during your initial setup.

If you want to Upgrade Freshdesk - WhatsApp integration, Click here.

Please read this whole article before attempting the process. 

Note: This is only for customers who have already integrated WhatsApp with Freshchat. If you want to know how Freshchat - WhatsApp integration works, please click here.

Important points to know before you start the Integration Process

  1. This is a mandatory process and cannot be skipped. While this process will not cause any downtime, we suggest you do this outside of your business hours/lead days

  1. Please keep your registered device ready to receive the OTP. If you don’t have the device with you, please reach out to support@freshchat.com.

  2. You can receive the OTP via Voice call or via SMS.

  3. You have a total of 3 attempts to receive the OTP and update your account. If you have  exhausted the 3 attempts, please reach out to support@freshchat.com 

  1. The integration process should be completed within 12 days from the date you receive the initiation email from us.

Note: For Voice calls, please ensure that your automated answering machine (IVR) is switched off.

Steps to follow for Integrating WhatsApp Business with Freshchat

Step 1: Log in to Freshchat and go to Admin > Channels > WhatsApp Business. 

Step 2: Click “Configure” for the WhatsApp Business number you want to integrate with your Freshchat account.

Step 3: Now select the mode in which you want to receive the OTP. 

Step 4: Please enter the received OTP and click “Confirm”. Wait for the confirmation message.

Step 5: Once your integration is complete, you will receive a success message.


  1. Why is the “configure” option in WhatsApp integration not enabled?

If you have completed the OTP verification process, the “configure” option will not be shown. Also, please note that if you have tried the OTP verification process 3 times unsuccessfully, the "Configure" option will not be disabled. In that case, please reach out to support@freshchat.com for assistance.

  1. What if I have multiple WhatsApp numbers to integrate?
    You have to integrate all the WhatsApp numbers individually.

  2. What if I have integrated using Toll-Free, Virtual, or landline numbers?

You can use the “Receive via Call” option to complete the verification. Please ensure the automated answering machine is disabled until the verification process is completed.

  1. Will there be any disruption or downtime during this integration upgrade? 

No, your existing integration will continue to work and you can continue engaging with your customers over WhatsApp.

  1. What if I don’t have the WhatsApp Business registered phone device handy?

It’s necessary to have the device handy for OTP verification. In case you do not have the phone device with you, please reach out to support@freshchat.com.

  1. How many times can I receive the OTP?

You can receive the OTP a total of 3 times. If you’ve already attempted it 3 times, please reach out to support@freshchat.com

  1. I didn’t receive an OTP via Voice call or SMS. What should I do now?

    1. We suggest you wait for  15 to 30 mins and retry. Please ensure you have good mobile network connectivity.

    1. If the issue still persists, please reach out to support@freshchat.com.

  1. I’m receiving an error message after entering the OTP.

    1. Please ensure you have provided the correct OTP.  

    2. If the issue persists after 3 attempts, please reach out to support@freshchat.com. 

  1. My business profile information is incorrect.

Please reach out to support@freshchat.com. We will update the details for your organization.

  1.  I’ve completed the OTP verification process, but I’m unable to send or receive any messages.

Please reach out to support@freshchat.com immediately to check this issue.