Send your replies as email notifications to users

Sometimes your customers and visitors might leave your website/app by the time you get around to replying to them. In Freshchat you can mail your response to your users. By sending them email notifications, you can engage them even when you are not on your website or app and prompt them to return to complete an action.


How to setup email notifications

  • Go to Admin Settings > Configuration and Workflows > Web Chat Settings > Email Configuration
  • Enable the notify users via email toggle and set the time duration post which the reply will be sent as an email to the user
  • The email will be sent only if it hasn't been read within this specified time
  • Give a ‘reply to’ email ID to collect any response from your user
  • You can also add additional from/reply to email addresses, apart from yours or your team members, which are not added to your Freshchat account
  • You can even authenticate your communication with a customer with DKIM configuration