To improve your team’s productivity, you can auto-resolve (close) conversations with customers who have stopped interacting. You can set the time for auto-resolving conversations. 

This will help your team to organize their Inbox better and focus on conversations that require their attention.

  • To start, navigate to Admin Settings > Auto-resolve chats > Toggle the option to Enabled

  • You can enable auto-resolve for all the conversations or conversations assigned to specific groups. Learn more about Agent groups here

  • Set the time limit for customers to respond, beyond which the conversation will be automatically resolved
    • For example, you can set the conversations to be resolved if the customer hasn't responded in 20 minutes.

  • You can also label auto-resolved messages to identify them later easily oconvert these conversations into Freshdesk tickets

  • If a customer doesn't reply to a conversation for more than 15 minutes, the conversation will be auto-resolved (closed) and moved to the Resolved view

Some important pointers

  • Which will take precedence Auto resolve or Away Experience?
    The Away (Offline) Experience is built to handle conversations outside your business hours. When a user initiates a conversation during business hours, auto-resolve takes precedence over the away experience.

  • Can we disable auto-resolve for a particular conversation?
    Go to the conversation and click on the Resolve button (✔) in the top right corner. You can select the Disable auto-resolve option from this drop-down.

  • How to assign different labels for conversations handled by different groups that have auto-resolve enabled?
    Currently, we don't have this functionality, but it should be available soon.

  • What minimum time limit do you need to set to auto-resolve conversations?
    You need to set a time limit of a minimum of 5 minutes.

  • How does auto-resolve work with IntelliAssign?
    In IntelliAssign, you can configure auto-resolve to resolve a conversation automatically when it becomes inactive. You can enable this under IntelliAssign Settings.