Agent Status lets you notify your current status on Freshchat to your team. If you have to go offline in Freshchat for an internal meeting or take a coffee break, you can update your status on Freshchat to let your team know why you’re offline. This also helps admins understand how agents spend their time on Freshchat.

By default, you get four agent statuses in Freshchat that your team can use. They are, Available, Unavailable, Ongoing call, and After call work. These are available to all agents and cannot be disabled.

How to set your status on Freshchat

To set your status on Freshchat, 

  • Find the agent status dropdown on the top right corner of your screen
  • Use the toggle to switch between Available and Unavailable status
    • If your status is set as Available, conversations will start being assigned to you
    • If your status is set to Unavailable, conversations will not be assigned to you
  • Ongoing call status will be automatically set when you attend a phone call in Freshchat
  • After call work status will be automatically set when you finish a phone call and will be active for the time duration set by your account admin. After this, the status will be reverted back to the one you had before you attended the phone call.

Create a custom status

If you are on the Pro or Enterprise plan, you can create custom statuses as per your team's requirement that your agents can use to notify the rest of your team why they are offline. 

To create a custom agent status,

  • Log into Freshchat as an admin
  • Go to Admin Settings > General Settings > Agent Status (or use the search bar)
  • Click on the New agent status button
  • Pick the emoji and enter the name of your custom status
  • Click on Create Status


Note: You can only create a maximum of 25 custom statuses

If you have any questions, please reach out to your account manager or write to