Agents can set their status in Freshchat to record how they spend their time. Agents can update their real-time availability as statuses while letting Admins know how each Agent spends their time. Freshchat offers two Agent statuses out-of-the-box: Active on IntelliAssign and Unavailable

As a Freshchat Admin, you can create new custom statuses for your team. You can define them based on how your team functions — you can include custom agent statuses such as 'In a Meeting,' 'Away for Coffee Break,' or 'On a Call.' 

Setting up Agent Statuses

  • Navigate to Admin settings > Agent Status
  • Enable the New Status toggle to start using custom statuses, or disable it to restrict your agents to only use the default statuses

  • Click the New status button to start creating a custom status. Choose a name and an emoji. These will be displayed for each agent who picks the status

  • You can always modify or delete your custom statuses with the pencil and trash icons for each custom status, respectively

Using Agent Statuses

  • Agents can update their status by clicking on their profile at the top right corner of the screen and selecting the respective status from the dropdown

  • Agents will get a notification when they change their status and can see their current status next to their profile picture at the top right corner

Pointers for Agent Statuses:

  • You cannot edit or delete the default statuses of Active on IntelliAssign and Unavailable
  • Any Agent Status other than ‘Active on Intelliassign’ will be considered as ‘Inactive’ for the IntelliAssign chat assignment
  • Admins can, however, create a maximum of 25 agent statuses
  • Once an agent chooses a status, it will remain until the agent changes it again
  • Reports such as Agent Status data can be obtained using Extract API or webhooks