Q. What is to be done?

A: DNS records need to be updated to ensure continued email deliverability. 
Admins are expected to carry out this exercise for their org instances. These are the steps to be followed: 

1. Head to Admin settings and click on Email domain verification 

2. Click on the domain name and go to the 'Verify' tab

4. Click the 'Verify domain' button and wait for the records to be refreshed

6. Copy the records that are in 'Pending' status

7. Go to the DNS records manager (eg: GoDaddy/ NameCheap)

8. Add the pending records copied from CRM in the DNS manager.

9. After 5-10 minutes, click the 'Verify domain' button. 

10. All records should be in the 'Verified' state. It might take up to 48 hours to reflect the change.

Q. What product does this apply to?

A: This applies to users in Freshsales Suite and Freshmarketer who have signed up before Sept 31st, 2021.

Q. When does this come into force?

A: 25 Jan, 2023. Admins are expected to take action by this date. Post this date, Freshworks Native Email platform will be the only carrier over which all our emails will be carried and all accounts will be force migrated to the native email service.

Q. What happens if I don’t take any action?

A: If admins do not update the DNS records before 25 Jan, email click tracking will not work which will affect the email journeys as well as email metrics.