If your CRM is integrated with the Shopify store, then you can use the marketing dashboard on the CRM to keep track of key metrics. This is enabled by events sent from the Shopify store.

Here’s how the dashboard looks:

This is a curated report. Here’s what you can do with this report:

  • Select pre-defined metrics to track

  • Use filters to organize datasets

  • Configure visualizations to get better insights

You get access to the following events from your Shopify online store and can use the same to set up your dashboard in the CRM:

  • Order canceled

  • Order fulfilled

  • Order refunded

  • Ordered product

  • Order placed

  • Viewed product

  • Last marketing activity name

  • Last marketing activity time

  • Customer id in store

  • Store name

  • Tax-exempt

  • Customer Status

  • Lifetime Value

  • Order Count

  • Avg Order Value

  • Number of Logins

  • First visited date

  • Customer since

  • Last Order Date

  • Last Order Value

  • Last Order Status

  • Last Order number

  • Order Count in last 30 days

  • Order/Cart Size in Last 30 days

  • Most Viewed Product Category in Last 30 days

  • Number of Logins in the last 30 days

  • Most Purchased Product Category

  • Most Frequent Product Purchase

  • Recent Abandoned Cart Value

  • Recent Abandoned cart Token

  • Recent Abandoned cart URL

  • Last contacted by customer