Note: This feature is currently available in beta for customers. If you want to use this features please choose the option(s) below that works best for you:
1. Reach out your customer success manager (CSM) to enable it for your account.
2. If you're not sure who your CSM is, then you can write to

With email campaigns in Freshmarketer, marketers can send out well-designed emails to subscribers. But knowing the right time to send out the campaign is a challenge. In most cases, marketers go with the recommended time that is advised on the internet or often resort to guessing what time might work best. Additionally, it is difficult to optimize for a common slot when subscribers are spread across various time zones. All of this leads to poor open rates and email engagement.

Freddy Send Time Optimization helps solve these challenges. It takes into account various factors (like timezone, country, industry, etc.) to ascertain what time would be best for the reader. Freddy then sends out the email at the designated time for each reader. 

1. How to schedule an STO campaign? 

To create an email campaign in the CRM, please follow the steps mentioned in this article

Once the email campaign is ready to be sent, you can choose the “Schedule” option in the Review section. The right pane opens up where you can choose between manually choosing the slot and using Freddy STO. Depending on the campaign, you can choose from

  • Best day and time (over a week)

Freddy AI chooses the best day and time to send the campaign over the period of a week. You can select the date range in which you want to run the campaign.

Example: Some email campaigns—for example, a week-long online clearance sale campaign—are not date-specific. They can be communicated across a set time period instead of a particular day. In such cases, we recommend you to leverage Freddy’s STO feature to ensure the email campaign reaches the subscriber at the right time to improve campaign performance.

  • Best time (on specified day)

Freddy AI chooses the best time to send this campaign on the specified day.

For campaigns that need to be sent on a specific date, Freddy STO can help optimise the time at which the email is sent to each contact. For example: Emails wishing for celebrations like New Year can be sent on the 1st of January, the time will be personalized for each contact. 

For both options, you need to select the campaign timezone. This helps define the start and end of the 7-day or 24-hour window. The default timezone is set based on the browser.

2. Schedule for STO campaigns

When the campaign is published, the schedule is generated after 24 hours. In this time, the metrics screen will display the following message.

The campaign is auto-generated 24 hours before the start of the campaign and it will display the time slots across which the emails will be sent along with the number of emails planned for each slot.

3. How to reschedule a campaign

The schedule for the campaign will be generated only 24-hours in advance. This gives you the option to reschedule the campaign whenever required. To reschedule a campaign,

  1. From the campaigns list page, choose the campaign that you want to reschedule. 

  2. On the campaign page, click on the Reschedule option. Now, you can reschedule the campaign to a later date or also choose to send the campaign on a chosen time.

4. Metrics

You can view metrics for each campaign sent in the Metrics section. This shows the schedule that was used for the campaign and how many emails were sent. You can also view the campaign delivery metrics including opens, clicks, and unsubscribes. 

To disable the feature, head over to Admin Settings. From the automation section, choose STO. Here, you can disable the STO toggle.