The data export feature in the web application allows you to schedule the export of data and feed it into your BI tool either through a downloadable file or an API URL.

How to schedule a data export?

To schedule a data export, 

  1. Login to the web application and on the left navigation bar, go to Analytics > Settings

  1. In the Settings page, choose the Data Export tab and click Create Export

  1. Give the Export a name and choose the module

  1. Choose the scheduling interval - monthly, weekly or daily. You can also choose the specific time and timezone

  2. Under Basic filters, using OR/AND filters, narrow down on the sales activity or record type that you want to choose. You can also choose to use Advanced filters.


  1. Click Apply and choose the fields under each sales activity or record type

  1. Under Receive At choose the type as API

  1. Click Schedule

1) You cannot edit the settings for a data scheduler once it is created.
2) Each export schedule is limited to 70 fields.
3) A maximum of 5 exports schedules per module are allowed.
4) Only incremental data is provided in the export schedule. For historical data, a one time export through a report is to be taken.