Your web application supports the search for different records in the CRM. Here’s a list of records that you can search for:

  • Contacts

  • Accounts

  • Deals

  • Custom Modules

  • Sales Activities

  • Tasks

  • Meetings

  • Custom Sales Activities

How does the search work?
The search functionality uses string search to identify any matching record based on the query added. 

To search for a record, a user can simply type in the first few letters of the record and all relevant results will be populated as suggestions.

If the search term has two words, Freshsales searches for these values across all the fields (both custom and default) in the module and show the records.

The search query will look for matching strings among the following fields and the matching field will be highlighted


Work Email

Other Emails

Company Name

Work Number

Mobile Number

Owner Name

Territory Name


Sales Account Name


Owner Name

Territory Name



Owner Name

Territory Name

Pipeline Name

Sales Account Name

Deal Stage Name


Task Type
Sales Activities
All strings and text custom fields

You can also filter the search results by choosing the dropdown and selecting the relevant record type on which you wish to run the search.

Can I search for all records present in Freshsales?

No, the search functionality is limited only to those records that you have access to. Freshsales offers 3 types of Scope- Global, Territory, and Restricted scope

  • Global- All records present in the CRM

  • Territory- Records that have been assigned to your territory

  • Restricted- Only records that have been created by you or shared with you


The search functionality is tied to your scope. The search results will bring up only those records that fall within your scope. 

Can I search for Sales Activities?
Yes, Freshsales supports the search of Sales Activities under the search functionality. For example, let’s assume that you have created a coffee meet-up with one of your contacts, you can search for it from the search bar. This saves time that will otherwise be spent on searching for the contact and then updating it from the contact’s details page.

For all sales activities, the scope associated with them is ‘Related’. This means, only Sales Activities that are associated with records falling under your scope can be searched for.

For the following scopes, here’s how users can search: 

  • Users assigned Global Scope can search for and find out tasks/appointments associated with all users in the web application.

  • Users assigned Territory and Restricted Scope can search for and find only those tasks/appointments that are assigned to them or created by them. Even tasks/appointments where the user is an attendee or collaborator are off-limits and will not be revealed under search. 


  • The search results are filtered by the record owned by the current user
  • The search results will be sorted and displayed based on the “updated_at_time” field of the record. This means the most recently accessed record will be displayed on the top of the search results